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Laminate Flooring in Trafford, Manchester

Discover the simplest way to get a new laminate floor quickly and at a good price. Kreative Floors offer laminate flooring, which comes with the world famous Uniclic system. We have more than 150 samples to choose from and supply three major brands:

  • Quick Step
  • Elka
  • Moderna

What is the Uniclic System?

The Uniclic system is a special style of tongue and groove planks that are easy to install or remove. You simply click planks together and they provide a solid fit with a seamless finish. Other benefits of Uniclic include:

  • Easy to install whether you're right- or left-handed
  • Stays clean as dirt has virtually no chance of getting between joints
  • Completely level finish, which means no wear and tear on the edges
  • Simple to dismantle and re-install for house moves

Why Choose Laminate Flooring?

Here at Kreative Floors, we're more than happy to share our knowledge about flooring with you. Take a look at the pros and cons of laminate flooring below.

There's no need to worry if you're still not sure if you'd like to go with laminate, solid wood, or engineered wood. Just contact us with your needs and we'll be delighted to give you flooring advice.

Benefits of Laminate Flooring

  • Easier Transportation: laminate planks that simulate hardwood are sold in handy four foot strips, while hardwood planks tend to be twice as large or more.
  • Quicker Installation: an entire room can usually be finished in a couple of days thanks to the easy and adhesive-free installation technique.
  • More Versatile: laminate flooring is made to resemble dozens of different hardwoods for a natural look.
  • Simpler Maintenance: the outer layer protects laminate flooring from stains and spills, so sweeping and vacuuming is all the regular upkeep required.
  • Healthier Choice: mould and bacteria find it difficult to gain purchase in naturally resistant laminate floors, plus you can treat them with special anti-bacterial/allergen coatings.

Issues with Laminate Flooring

  • Sound: walking on laminate floors can produce a hollow noise that makes the material sound manufactured - this can be mitigated by dampening underlay materials.
  • Feel: laminate floors look like natural hardwood, but it doesn't stand up to the touch test. Embossed varieties have a simulated texture but still feel manufactured. It is also very hard underfoot and padding does not often reduce this sensation.
  • Refinishing: unfortunately, you can't refinish a laminate floor: once the single wear layer is damaged, the individual piece needs replacement, and the entire floor will in the longer term.
  • Lifespan: most laminate floors come with a warranty based on quality of material and density of wear layer: make sure to take precautions during installation to protect any warranties.
  • Environmental Issues: some experts believe that laminate materials made with formaldehyde may release volatile chemicals over a long time-frame, which can have an effect on environmental air quality.

You should look at our information on engineered wood flooring and solid wood floors before making your decision. If you need more info, visit our experts in-store.

Contact Kreative Floors at our Trafford Park showroom to ask about our easy-install laminate flooring.

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